Oh What a Beautiful Morning

It’s 8 a.m. but we’ve been up for about a half hour. Mark left early again for his workshop and Kailey slept a little later than her usual 7 a.m.

We awoke to the pitter-patter of raindrops against the roof and windows, and the earth. It’s beautiful and cool. No hot-hot heat today. We have errands to run and purchases to make. The rain will make it much more pleasant 🙂

Last night for supper I made Shepard’s Pie with Lentils instead of ground beef- one of Mark’s favorite dishes. I wanted to make something for dessert and found a Butter Cake recipe that turned out perfectly delicious. The butter sauce really finishes the cake well. I suppose we could have frosted the thing but it’s marvelous on it’s own.

Today we turn in our application for the child care center Kailey will be attending and getting all her paperwork taken care of. WooHoo.

Tomorrow her Bento-bako should come in the mail via UPS and on Friday I get new tags for my sweet little car.

Saturday is the BIG day. And becuase I am so anxiously awaiting it’s arrival, I know the day will never come. You see, on Saturday we are doing some heavy shopping. First we’ll head up to Pembroke and purchase my books then head back this way to swing by the community college for a final book. Then we’re headed down to Florence, SC to get school suppplies for Mark and to Payless for school shoes for Kailey-girl. We looked online last night and she has picked out an adorable pair of Mary Jane’s.

We’ll need everything taken care of by the 19th since I start school on the 20th. That’s so close that I am getting a little nervous. I hope all will be ready by then.

Ok, we need to get going…


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