On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

That was our theme this morning as we woke up early and helped Mark get ready and out the door for his first day of teaching. He was nervous and we did all we could to encourage and motivate him. In all honesty he is more confident than I have ever seen him. He is all about setting the tone for the year starting with today. He doesn’t want to go through the stress he did last year, and ya know, I think he’ll do it this time. He has a great attitude about teaching and is focused on the things that really matter to him in his class and not so much about the little stuff. Yeah Mark!

So he woke me at about 5:30 and I made breakfast, coffee and helped get his bags in the car. So exciting! I always have loved this time of year. It’s like every Fall we all get a chance to make a difference and to have a fresh, clean start. As I prepare for my new year I hope that I will be able to make the changes that I so desperately hope to. I’d like to be more receptive to new ideas and to approach them and the people behind those ideas with respect and thoughtfulness. The biggest change I would like to create in myself, is the ability to keep my comments to myself when confronted with those ideas that I find in opposition to my own. I would like to remember that it isn’t a contest, I don’t *have* to be right ALL the time and that I can let people learn on their own (speaking of fellow students). I’ll need the strength of God and the intervention of the Holy Saints to accomplish this though 🙂

Right now Kailey is doing summersaults from hunger so I need to get going. It’s 6:43 a.m. What were we thinking?


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